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One Young World 2023

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25 years after the Good Friday Peace Agreement was signed, Belfast became the latest host destination for one of the most powerful Global Youth Activism events, One Young World.

The event brings almost 2,000 young leaders together in a forum that allows them to discuss key societal issues including mental health, the food crisis, education, the climate emergency and peace and reconciliation. What makes the event truly special is that the chosen young leaders represented over 190 countries to date and their post event pledges have impacted over 41 million people.

CPI has a long track record with One Young World, having delivered the event in the Convention Centre in Dublin in 2014. For 2023, Belfast City had an amazing team who CPI worked with on compiling a comprehensive bid centred around the Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and a city with such a promising future.

Conference Highlights

The event had some incredible speakers including the amazing Queen Rania of Jordan. Her words resonated with the crowd, and showed the power of a shared global vision for peace, as she talked about the inspiration that Northern Ireland’s peace process had provided to King Hussein of Jordan.

Connection to Belfast

Beyond the influence of the Peace Process, the Summit had Belfast interwoven throughout it. Speaking about the approach to linking the Summit inside the ICC to the wider City, CPI’s CEO Nicky McGrane said “We are always looking at ways to connect host cities and the events that they are hosting, to create both a powerful narrative and a legacy beyond the event. For OYW we were really proud to create a Community Dine Around and a unique Community Garden at the event. The Dine Around saw delegates go into the Belfast Community and have meals with people that are living the peace process on a daily basis so that the young leaders could really understand the story they were being shown at the Summit. We also used our Exhibition Space to link our exhibitors/sponsors with local artists in the City. Belfast is synonymous with street art and murals that tell the story of the City and we were able to work with our partners to bring that story into the ICC.”


The magnitude of the One Young World Summit meant we needed to bring together a volunteer team, and each year, approximately 250 young individuals step up to embrace this critical role. The Belfast edition was no exception, as CPI collaborated with Volunteer Now to issue a compelling call for volunteers. The community’s overwhelming response allowed us to assemble a dedicated team capable of supporting CPI in every aspect of the conference. From extending a warm welcome to attendees at Belfast Airport to providing onsite support at the ICC and facilitating events across the city, our volunteers played a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless execution of the Summit. This collective effort not only highlighted the hospitality of Northern Ireland but also exemplified the spirit of One Young World, where individuals from diverse backgrounds unite to create a positive and impactful global experience.

“The success of One Young World in part is because of our dedicated volunteers, who not only exemplified unwavering commitment but also embraced the warmth and friendly spirit of Belfast as a city.”
Jenny Cruess Callaghan,
CPI Account Director on One Young World


In its unwavering commitment to sustainability, One Young World has embedded eco-conscious practices into its core operations, aligning with the urgency of the Paris Agreement and maintaining the ISO20121 Sustainable Events certification. From their very first touch point at registration, badges and lanyards were made from paper and sustainable cotton. Delegates were also gifted reusable water bottles to use at water and refreshment refill stations which were located throughout the ICC.

The ICC as a venue was also chosen due to its situation within walking distance of most summit venues and Belfast hotels, prioritized sustainability. Delegates were encouraged to use public transport, which was subsidised due to a Partnership with Translink, Belfast’s public transport providers. Multi-purpose bins facilitated recycling, processing, and sorting onsite. The ICC catering emphasized locally sourced produce, offering biodegradable containers and wooden cutlery. Any surplus food was donated to local food banks to reduce waste.

The primary exhibition featured container stands crafted from re-board, an eco-friendly recycled material. To complement the setup of the exhibition, hanging artworks were created using PVC Free Banner. To furnish the space, rental furniture was utilized, and booth designs were enhanced with natural elements like plants. Digital Signage was also utilized throughout the space to avoid excess printing.

“The plenary aspect of this event is to be environmentally conscious and (this venue, The ICC) offered many green spaces, used many renewable materials, and served vegetarian food.”
Ezekiel Nyanfor,
One Young World Liberia Ambassador 

On top of having an amazing experience in Belfast, every delegate also penned a Summit-inspired pledge on a ribbon that added to OYW’s ribbon ball legacy. These ribbons intertwine to encase the ever-growing GIANT ribbon ball. At Belfast, an additional 1,900 Delegate pledges joined the collection, boosting the total to an impressive 17,000. This tradition underscores the significance of honouring past commitments while actively contributing to the future. The Ribbon Ball becomes a symbol not only of individual promises but also of collective dedication, weaving a colourful tapestry that emphasizes the continuous evolution and enduring commitment of each Summit Delegate.
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