Code of Practice

1: The Associations’ Aims are:

1. To further and maintain a high professional standard in the organisation and administration of congresses, conferences and other international and national meetings or special events.

2. To further the recognition as a profession of Congress Organisation.

3. To undertake research work concerning all problems confronting professional organisers of international meetings and to seek and promote relevant solutions.

4. To establish effective relations with other organisations concerned in any way with international meetings.


2: Conduct of AIPCO Members

AIPCO members should :

1. Comply with the AIPCO Code of Practice, which defines the obligations of a Professional Conference or Event Organiser (PCO) and his/her relationship with clients, and sets up an accepted standard of professional practice.

2. Not engage in any practice nor be seen to conduct themselves in any manner detrimental to the reputation of AIPCO or the reputation and the interests of PCOs.

3. Ensure that they have a general duty of fair dealing towards their past and present clients, fellow members and the public.

4. Act competently, in a timely way, and in accordance with instructions received from or agreed to by the client.

5. Act in the best interests of the client free from any compromising influences or loyalties.

6. Avoid any conflicts of interest on any issue involving a client and should not continue to work for the client where the interests of the client would be adversely affected by that conflict of interest.

7. Represent their capabilities and services to potential clients and existing clients in an honest and professional manner nor engage in any practice or be seen to conduct themselves in any manner detrimental to the reputation of AIPCO or the reputation or interests of Professional Congress Organisers.

8. Always keep information pertaining to the client confidential and not disclose it to any party without the specific or implicit consent of the client.

9. Strive continually to improve professional standards within the congress industry.

10. Act professionally in all circumstances and in particular in relation to clients, suppliers, congress participants, fellow members and the public.

11. Give his/her professional opinion when requested without favour, malice or prejudice.

12. Maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to the Company and not make use of such information in his/her own interest.

13. Act prudently in all financial and legal matters and to protect their clients’ funds by acting in a professional manner at all times. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, clients’ funds should be separately identifiable at all times in the running of an event and agreed event budgets should be adhered to.

14. Accept commissions from persons other than a client, in connection with services for that client, provided they are not prejudicial to the interests of the client.


3: The Role of the Association :

The Association under the management of the Council shall undertake to progress the aims of the Association and to ensure that the Statutes of the Association are fulfilled. The Council will be responsible for ensuring that:

1. AIPCO is appropriately represented at events where the profession of the ‘Congress Organiser’ can be actively represented and promoted.

2. AIPCO develops good working relationships with all other Associations involved within the industry.

3. Applications for new members fulfill the criteria set out in the AIPCO Statutes.

4. AIPCO fulfils its responsibilities in accordance with the Statutes in a professional manner and in accordance with the laws of the land.

5. AIPCO operates in a businesslike and viable manner.


4: Members undertake:

1. To actively work with the Secretariat and Council to develop the works and activities of the Association and respond to requests in a timely manner.

2. To annually provide the Secretariat with all the membership criteria documentation promptly and in accordance with the Statutes and conditions of membership. Each current Member shall submit proof of its compliance with the membership conditions to the Secretary of the Association no later than one month prior to the AGM.

3. To attend a minimum of 3 Association meetings and participate in the activities of the Association.

4. To act in a highly professional manner when representing the Association.